Physical Wellbeing

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Body positivity has always been an important topic for women but recently it has become more of a movement and should be front-and-center in our everyday lives.

The Challenge

Change your mindset around your body – love the skin you are in and encourage others to do the same. Especially when you hear them making negative remarks about themselves. If you see someone out and about, compliment them, you never know how far a nice thought can go for someone.

Everyone has been impacted by body positivity in different ways. I think it is safe to say that we have all had a time in our lives where we are not satisfied with our bodies. It seems that at a young age it was conditioned into women specifically that being skinny meant being happy. It can be a tough habit for us to break that mindset and the thoughts around being unhappy with our weight, jean size or what we ate that day. We all deserve to feel comfortable in our bodies and feeling good overall. Remember, this is about you and how you feel about yourself, not how/what someone else thinks about you.

If you Google the words “Body Positivity” thousands upon thousands of links come up immediately around articles, women’s stories and the discussions around the topic. It seems that there are campaigns for Body Positivity all over the world, especially since it is summertime. Body Positivity should be about encouraging inclusion of all body types, sizes, skin tones, gender and the overall health of our bodies. Body Positivity is NOT about obesity, eating habits, clothing sizes, athletic ability, BMI or providing any sort of misconceptions around the body. Having a negative mindset around your body can also cause mental health issues like depression or anxiety – per the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 

It is wonderful to see that clothing companies, department stores, ads, television series, movies, etc. are now showing women and men of all sizes, types, and backgrounds. Musical Artists are hiding their features so we focus on the music and not what they look like or outfits they wear – Billie Ellish and SIA are perfect examples of this. Additionally, there are a lot of clothing brands that are being inclusive of all sizes, from very, very small sizes to a wide range of plus size options. Gone are the days where “One Size Fits All”.

Every single person has had different life experiences to bring them and their body to where they are today. There’s the mama with stretch marks from bringing her three children into the world. The sister that cannot gain weight because she has an autoimmune disease. The aunt who has beat cancer and has the scars to remind her everyday of how she is a fighter.

Be proud of you and your body. We are all beautiful people in our own unique way and the world is finally realizing.

Tools Needed

A positive attitude!

Let’s Get Together

Encourage a sister to be your accountability partner and make a mindset change together

Report Participation

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