All initiated members of Alpha Xi Delta, are responsible for upholding the values and principles of the Fraternity at all times. 

We hold our members to high standards of academic excellence and mature behavior. In order to educate our members on the best practices for member and chapter safety, Alpha Xi Delta sets forth the following policies:
Alcohol Policy

Alpha Xi Delta members, both new and initiated, are bound by all federal, state, and/or local laws, and by university regulations and policy. Members (new and initiated) are also bound by Alpha Xi Delta standards of conduct. Failure to abide by law, regulation, policy, or Fraternity standards may be cause for membership release, suspension of membership, or discipline of the chapter in accordance with such Alpha Xi Delta policies.

1. No chapter should dispense alcoholic beverages. Chapter funds should not be used for the purchase of alcoholic beverages.

2. Personal storage and consumption of alcoholic beverages should be prohibited in the chapter house or suite, or any other recognized chapter facility, including residence hall floors used by Alpha Xi Deltas.

3. No alcohol should be permitted at any recruitment or new member functions, any Alpha Xi Delta ceremonies (pledging, initiation, installation of officers, senior recognition, Founders' Day, etc.) or any official functions at which attendance is required.

Illegal Drug Policy

The possession, use or sale of marijuana and all other illegal drugs or controlled substances is a crime and is completely incompatible with Alpha Xi Delta Standards and is a basis for disciplinary action. If a chapter Executive Committee does not take appropriate action in such a case, National Council shall initiate the procedure in accordance with the National Constitution and Bylaws.

Hazing Policy

Alpha Xi Delta members should comply with all college, federal, state and local anti-hazing rules or laws and should uphold Alpha Xi Delta's principles through the elimination of hazing practices. Hazing is defined as any activity which subtly or flagrantly demeans, embarrasses, threatens, frightens, invites ridicule of, or draws inappropriate attention to a member, and as an attitude which implies one member is superior to another or that initiation must be earned through personal services or meaningless activities for initiated members. Disciplinary measures will be instituted by the National Council immediately upon receiving information that a chapter has engaged in hazing activities.

Any report of possible hazing will be acted upon by the Area Facilitator or Assistant Executive Director, who will call the Chapter President, indicating that all chapter activities other than chapter meetings will cease until an investigation can occur.

Alpha Xi Delta is a member of FIPG (Fraternal Information & Programming Group) which provides resources for risk management education on topics including alcohol, drugs, hazing and sexual abuse. For more information on FIPG or to view the FIPG manual, please visit www.fipg.org.