Exclusively Xi

Exclusively Xi is Alpha Xi Delta’s members-only portal.

With an Exclusively Xi profile, you can update your contact information, find your chapter Sisters, locate lost Sisters, register for events, access members-only documents in the Resource Center, and much more!

Login to Exclusively Xi

When you click the above button, you will be directed to OmegaFi's website.
Please use your normal Exclusively Xi login information to gain access to Exclusively Xi and the Resource Center.

Are you a new Exclusively Xi user?

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Once you click the button above to register, here are the next steps: 

  • You will be asked a series of questions that will be authenticated by the Fraternity’s database. If your member record is found, you will confirm the current email on record (if any), or change/set the email address to a current email address. 
  • You will then receive an invitation to create your account (proving you have access to the email entered/defaulted)
  • You will then finish the enrollment process by clicking the link in the email which will direct you to a Create Your OmegaFi Account/Enrollment page. You will be asked to enter required information including establishing a password. 
  • If your information does not match the Fraternity's database during registration, you will receive a message with a phone number to call for customer service. This customer service line will be handled by the OmegaFi support center on Alpha Xi Delta’s behalf.
Updating your Profile:

1. Once in Exclusively Xi, click on the myPROFILE tab in the left navigation bar.

2. Now you will be able to update your profile with your current addresses, phone numbers, emails and much more.

3. Remember, you will be able to search for chapter Sisters who have elected to share their information, but Sisters will not be able to find you unless you decide to share your information. All members will automatically be set to prevent the sharing of information. If you want Sisters to find you, you will need to login and change your setting in the my Profile section. The information returned for a Sister search will be the member’s name, initiation year, primary email address and a photo, if one has been uploaded by the member.

I just logged in to Exclusively Xi for the first time and there is nothing displaying on my Dashboard. What do I do?

If the Dashboard is blank, choose the widgets you wish to use that best suit your needs. To display available Widgets, click on "Manage Dashboard" (in the top right hand corner of the dashboard). Once the widgets display, you may click on the + for an explanation of the widget and how it is used. Once you decide which widgets you want on your Dashboard, either double click on individual widgets or click and drag them to the bottom portion of the screen.