Collegiate Programs

Alpha Xi Delta displays the characteristics and values important to the Fraternity through our member programming. Our programs positively impact the campus and greater community, as well as develop and nurture the individual.

Academic Achievement Program

The objective of Alpha Xi Delta's Academic Achievement Program is to enable each chapter to encourage and aid chapter members in achieving academic success and to assist members in realizing their scholastic and personal potential. The Fraternity provides a model program to our college chapters, yet we encourage each chapter to develop a program to meet its particular needs either through a partnership with their university or using available campus resources and support. Alpha Xi Delta requires members to maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA.

AllOne Health

Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity has partnered with AllOne Health to provide Talk One-2-One, a confidential counseling service provider, for its collegiate members to speak confidentially and free of charge to discuss issues such as depression, roommate issues, eating disorders, stress, money issues and alcohol/drug issues. With this partnership, Alpha Xi Delta's collegiate members, advisors, Fraternity volunteers and members' parents, can call the Talk One-2-One 1-800 number, day or night, and speak to a professionally-trained counselor to tackle problems through support, advocacy and empowerment. The phone number is 1-800-756-3124.


Risk management education provides the tools for identifying dangerous situations and understanding the potential liability of our actions. Even more importantly, risk management education promotes an understanding of responsibility. Ultimately, risk management is about caring. With this in mind, Alpha Xi Delta developed C.A.R.E. (Communication, Action, Responsibility and Education). This risk management handbook details information needed in risk management situations. In addition, Alpha Xi Delta maintains a social policy to help educate our collegiate women on the effects of alcohol and the risks involved with alcohol use.

Courageous Conversations

Through Courageous Conversations, Sisters are led through material designed to educate and empower our members on issues surrounding sexual assault prevention and healthy relationships. Created with the unique characteristics of a women’s organization in mind, the program allows for honest dialog among Sisters in an environment that encourages support and learning. Trained and experienced facilitators guide members through an educational experience that will cultivate a deeper understanding of these complex issues.


Inspire was created in order to meet the needs of our undergraduate members and provide best-in-class programming. It is a key element in the personal development of our members, chapters and the growth of the Fraternity as a whole. The program’s purpose is to retain the focus on helping members grow and learn as individuals. Focusing on the intellectual, professional and personal growth of the individual not only supports member success after college, but also contributes to the overall health and growth of chapters.


StrengthsQuest allows our members to develop skills and goals by focusing on maximizing their strengths rather than their weaknesses. The program helps Alpha Xi Delta members discover and develop their greatest talents and use those talents to improve grades and learning. Ultimately, StrengthsQuest helps Sisters learn what they do best and build their lives on those talents.