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Indianapolis, IN 46268

P: 317.872.3500 | F: 317.872.2947
Business Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST

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Image of Elysia Balster Gallivan

Elysia Balster Gallivan

E, University of South Dakota

National Executive Director

Image of Stephanie Bennett

Stephanie Bennett

Alpha Deuteron

Finance and Operations Manager

Image of Alexia Castellano Smith

Alexia Castellano Smith

IE, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Educational Leadership Consultant

Image of Heather Haroff Chibuk

Heather Haroff Chibuk

ΖΞ, Auburn University

Director of Membership Growth and Marketing

Image of Arlena Clayton

Arlena Clayton

ΘH, Western Michigan University

Associate Director of Member Services

Image of Elizabeth Shelly De Jong

Elizabeth Shelly De Jong

Δ, Bethany College

Director of Development

Image of Morgan Donnelly

Morgan Donnelly

ΘΙ, Florida Atlantic University

Associate Director of Member Services

Image of Lauren Blankenbaker Felts

Lauren Blankenbaker Felts

ΒΠ, Indiana University

Director of Communications and Marketing

Image of Courtney Hankins Fluty

Courtney Hankins Fluty

ΔΨ, Texas State University

Director of Lifetime Engagement

Image of Megan Horst Foster

Megan Horst Foster

ΔΝ, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Director of Education and Leadership

Image of Jennifer Foster

Jennifer Foster

ΒΠ, Indiana University

Director of Managed Properties

Image of Courtney Gable

Courtney Gable

ZΩ, University of West Georgia

Director of Member Services

Image of Jylian Herring

Jylian Herring

Π, Ohio University

Leadership Coach

Image of Lori Bruns Holt

Lori Bruns Holt

Alpha Deuteron

Director of Finance & Operations

Image of Marilyn Jennings

Marilyn Jennings

ΑΚ, Kansas State University

Graphic Communications Coordinator

Image of Sheena Kinser

Sheena Kinser

Alpha Delta Pi, Indiana University

Associate Director of Housing

Image of Sara Konopka

Sara Konopka

AH, Purdue University

Foundation Assistant

Image of Jenna Lanzetta Piroli

Jenna Lanzetta Piroli

θΗ, Western Michigan University

Digital Communications Manager

Image of Lindsay Eichelman

Lindsay Eichelman

ΒΠ, Indiana University

Director of Events and Administration

Image of Laura Lyerly Milliken

Laura Lyerly Milliken

θΝ, Elon University

Associate Director of Philanthropy and Community Outreach

Image of Tracy Kleinschmidt Osborne

Tracy Kleinschmidt Osborne

BΘ, Michigan State University

Associate Executive Director

Image of Chelsea Perry

Chelsea Perry

BA, University of Texas at Austin

Senior Leadership Mentor

Image of Sara Ellen Poston

Sara Ellen Poston

ΓΦ, East Carolina University

Educational Leadership Consultant

Image of Gail Ransford

Gail Ransford

Indiana Wesleyan University

Graphic Communications Coordinator

Image of Scott Rarick

Scott Rarick

Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, Capital University

Director of Business Development

Image of Rebecca Reed Ditchey

Rebecca Reed Ditchey

ΙΜ, Lycoming College

Associate Director of Area Development – Area II

Image of Jackie Robison

Jackie Robison

Indiana University, Pi Beta Phi

Staff Accountant

Image of Megan Santee

Megan Santee

IΔ, University of Central Oklahoma

Associate Director of Area Development-Area III

Image of Gabrielle Schmidt

Gabrielle Schmidt

ZX, University of North Carolina-Wilmington

Educational Leadership Consultant

Image of Adam Stahon

Adam Stahon

Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, Westminster College

Annual Giving and Stewardship Manager

Image of Whitley Stallings

Whitley Stallings

ΓΦ, East Carolina University

Membership Growth Coordinator

Image of Kristen Wyse Wagner

Kristen Wyse Wagner

ΒΕ, Monmouth College

Associate Director of Education and Leadership

Image of Rebecca Zhe

Rebecca Zhe

BΨ, Carroll University

Educational Leadership Consultant