Dyad Survey

Alpha Xi Delta is excited to embark on our inaugural year of the Membership Experience Survey to assess our organizational culture and the impact of Alpha Xi Delta membership on our members and established goals. The Membership Experience Survey will be launched for our undergraduate initiated members on September 24 and will close on October 24.

Alpha Xi Delta partners with Dyad Strategies to conduct the survey. All questions in the survey are part of measurement scales tested for reliability and validity to measure our desired outcomes. None of these questions were written by anyone associated as an employee or volunteer of Alpha Xi Delta. The survey is anonymous. Aggregate chapter data will be compiled and shared in reports, but no individual identifying information will be disclosed. To help Alpha Xi Delta continue to improve as an organization, it is very important that members respond honestly to all questions. The results of this survey are for educational purposes, and no adverse actions will be taken toward individuals or chapters as a result of answers given within the survey. The survey should take 25-30 minutes to complete.

Alpha Xi Delta Membership Experience Survey FAQs

What is the Alpha Xi Delta Membership Experience Survey?
The Membership Experience Survey, a membership outcomes assessment deployed by Dyad Strategies, is a series of surveys that will capture data relating to the Alpha Xi Delta undergraduate experience. The data collected from the surveys will allow chapters and volunteers to better understand the experiences of their membership and current chapter culture while also providing FHQ with deeper insights of the entire Alpha Xi Delta membership along with individual chapters to allow for more tailored support. The survey will be broken into two parts; the Membership Experience survey for active, initiated members, and the New Member Survey for New Members.

Who should take the survey?
Active, initiated members of the Fraternity should take the survey. On September 24, the assessment will be sent to each member individually via email. The survey link is unique for each person and must not be forwarded or shared with other members.

Does everyone have to take it?
Chapters should strive towards 100% completion; however, we recognize that may not always be possible. To get statistically significant results, a minimum of 70% response rate is required to achieve the Double Blue and Gold Standard.

Do our inactive status members need to take it?
Members who are considered inactive, including those who are studying abroad, student teaching, or participating in a co-op, are not required to complete the assessment. Since they are still listed as members within Vault, they will receive the survey link, but will not be factored into your chapter roster when calculating completion rates.

Do our New Members take the survey?
No, New Members will not take the Membership Experience survey. Instead, they will take the New Member survey. Information regarding the New Member survey will be shared with New Member Orientation Directors, Member Development Vice Presidents, and Chapter Presidents closer to the fall 2023 term.

What is the survey timeline?

  • By September 20: Chapter members should verify their email address is correct and chapter rosters must be updated in Vault.
  • September 24: The Membership Experience survey opens. Each member eligible to take the survey will receive an email with the link.
  • October 24: The Membership Experience survey closes.

What does the Chapter President need to do?
Chapter Presidents will play an integral role in the implementation of the Membership Experience Survey.

  • In August/early September, Chapter Presidents should take 10-15 minutes during the first chapter meeting of the year to introduce the Membership Experience Survey using the Chapter Script provided by FHQ. They should also work with chapter leadership to determine when the chapter will complete the survey in place of a chapter meeting.
  • In September and October, Chapter Presidents should monitor weekly progress reports and share out updates with the chapter.

What should I expect from the weekly progress reports?
Weekly progress reports will include a list of your members indicating who has and has not completed the survey. They will also include your chapter’s completion rate percentage to help you track progress and measure how close the chapter is to the minimum 70% completion rate required.

What if my members don’t take this seriously or rush through the survey? Will that affect our chapter’s results?
Possibly. This survey is for the benefit of chapter leaders, to provide direct feedback from your members. If students are dishonest or rush through by marking random answers, that will affect your results. The survey tabulation software has some built-in controls for “fake data,” so one or two members not taking it seriously won’t skew your results. The best way to prevent this is to emphasize the importance and benefits for the entire chapter by sharing honest and complete answers.

Are the results confidential?
Yes. Responses will be collected by our data firm partner, Dyad. Fraternity Headquarters staff, volunteers, and chapter members will not have access to individual responses and will only see chapter-level and organizational-level reports.

Who will get the results and when?
In February, chapter leaders attending Officer Academy will get a first look at their chapter report. In early-mid spring, volunteers and chapter leaders will gain access to their chapter reports. FHQ will also provide guides and resources to help leadership read, interpret, and utilize the data to understand chapter culture and make positive changes within their chapter.

Will the results be used for any disciplinary action against a chapter?
No. The questions in the survey measure the attitudes and experiences of your members. We will not collect data on specific incidents. Data collected from questions relating to alcohol, hazing, and sexual assault behaviors will be used to provide better and tailored support to your chapters and more robust educational initiatives but will not be used in any punitive way.

Will we do this again next year?
Yes! The Membership Experience survey will be administered every year in the fall term. Conducting the survey each year will allow chapters to continue to learn about the realities of their chapter experience and provide insight into changing trends both at the chapter and national organization level.

Are the Membership Experience Survey and New Member Surveys the same?
No, each is their own separate survey. The Membership Experience Survey is for all undergraduate initiated members to take and launches on September 24. The New Member Survey is for new members only and will launch on October 22nd. MDVPs and NMODs will receive communication in mid-September with instructions/information on the New Member Survey. We will also conduct a spring New Member Survey for chapters who are recruiting next semester.

Who should we contact if we have problems or questions?
Please contact Kristen Wyse Wagner, Director of Education and Leadership, at kwagner@alphaxidelta.org.

Troubleshooting Information

Survey link
The assessment will be sent to each member INDIVIDUALLY via email, to the email address listed in Vault. The survey link is unique for each person and will not work if it’s forwarded or shared with other Sisters.

Who is it from?
The email will be from Dyad Strategies. “Membership Experience Survey” will be clearly displayed in the subject line.

I didn’t get the email.

  • First, check your spam or junk folder. Sort by date and look for emails dated September 24 or search for “Dyad” or “Membership Experience Survey” as a keyword.
  • Second, check which email address is listed in Vault. That’s where the survey email was sent.
  • If the email address in Vault is one that you can’t access anymore, contact Kristen Wyse Wagner at FHQ. She can update your email address and have Dyad re-send the survey.

I deleted the email.

  • First, go into your “deleted items” or “trash” folder and find it. Sort by date and look for emails dated September 24 or search for “Dyad” or “Membership Experience Survey” as a keyword.
  • If you emptied your trash and really can’t find it, contact Kristen Wyse Wagner. She can update your email address and have Dyad re-send the survey.

Lots of Sisters in my chapter didn’t get the email.
If it’s just a few individuals (10 or less), have them personally contact Kristen Wyse Wagner at FHQ. She will need:

  • Full name
  • Chapter or campus
  • Correct email address the survey should be sent to
  • The email address in Vault and they survey will be resent

Please note that going into Vault to change an email address after September 20 will NOT automatically re-send the survey to the updated email address. The emails are coming from an external vendor.

  • If there are more than 10 members who did not receive the survey, have the Chapter President contact Kristen Wyse Wagner with an excel spreadsheet with the information above.
  • If most of your chapter (more than 50%) did not receive the survey, the Chapter President should contact Kristen Wyse Wagner first. It’s possible that your campus email server has blocked the messages. We can develop a workaround based on your unique circumstances.

There are Sisters on our roster who are no longer active. Did they get the survey? Will that impact our participation rate?
Everyone on your roster as of September 20 will get the survey, however only active, initiated members will count towards the required 70%.

For roster changes after September 20, make those updates in Vault and also contact Kristen Wyse Wagner. She will manually remove those women from your survey list.

What should we do if New Members are initiated when the Membership Experience Survey is open?
You don’t need to do anything. We know that New Members may be initiated during this period, but their experience more closely aligns with that of a New Member. For this reason, they will only take the New Member survey this fall and will complete the Membership Experience survey starting in the fall of 2024.