Membership Milestones

Sisterhood in Alpha Xi Delta is a lifetime, and it’s important for us to celebrate and honor our members who have reached certain milestones of membership.
75 years of membership
60 years of membership
50 years of membership

In 2019, our National Council warmly welcomes 445 Sisters initiated in 1944 into the Order of the Diamond, 1,238 Sisters initiated in 1959 to the Order of the Pearl and 2,341 Sisters initiated in 1969 to the Order of the Rose. Click the links below to view the list of Sisters who have reached a milestone in her membership.

Order of the Diamond        Order of the Pearl       Order of the Rose

An asterisk (*) indicates a Sister does not have a valid mailing address on file with Fraternity Headquarters. If you are in contact with any Sister who is marked with an asterisk(*), please encourage her to update her information with Alpha Xi Delta.

Each Sister with a valid mailing address on file by March 1, 2019 was sent a personalized 5x7 certificate to commemorate this special occasion. If you are denoted as not having a valid mailing address on file in the above recognition lists, please contact Tracy Osborne at

Alpha Xi Delta also recognizes 25 years of membership with the 25 year charm featuring two roses enclosed in a rectangular frame, available from Herff Jones to commemorate your time with Alpha Xi Delta.