Lost Sisters Search

One in two Alpha Xi Delta alumnae Sisters is missing a piece of contact information in the Fraternity's database. Up-to-date contact information is critical for staying connected to the Fraternity.
How does the Lost Sisters Search work?

1. Search for an individual Sister, or all Sisters of an entire chapter using the form below.

2. Sort through all Sisters who have at least one piece of missing communication information.

3. Submit updated information to Fraternity Headquarters, or invite Sisters to submit their own information.

Click the button below to get started. Once the OmegaFi website opens, click on the “Get Access” in the top right corner of the page and then on MyOmegaFi.” 

Who is a “Lost Sister”?

A “lost” alumna is someone who is missing at least one piece of communication information, including phone number, email address or primary mailing address.

Keeping your record up to date with the Fraternity ensures you will receive future communication from Alpha Xi Delta, including issues of The Quill, enewsletters and information from your chapter.