Alpha Xi Delta Votes

Alpha Xi Delta Votes is an initiative to help Sisters feel confident and have the tools needed to be civically engaged, feel connected to others and have conversations that are civil and productive. It's your right and privilege to vote. Don't waste it. Make sure your voice is heard.

Alpha Xi Delta is proud to partner with Democracy Works, a non-partisan, non-profit organization, to provide Turbovote to our members. This is a tool that makes registering to vote easy and helps those already registered to stay up-to-date on local and national election dates.

Here are some highlights of TurboVote:

  • Guided assistance in registering to vote and the ability to request an absentee/mail-in ballot. If your state does not offer online registration, TurboVote generates the forms needed to register and you can request an absentee ballot. 

  • Text and email reminders for polling locations, election dates, absentee ballot request form deadlines and voter ID information.

  • A dedicated help desk can help you in navigating laws that govern voting. 

  • TurboVote does NOT send you candidate specific information or spam you with policy. 

FOR TurboVote

FOR TurboVote

Programming and Education

Alpha Xi Delta will be rolling out resources to chapters and alumnae associations in the coming months centered on listening to those with varying viewpoints, how to clearly and respectfully engage in a thoughtful discourse and to remain vigilant to the rights and responsibilities as active participants in democracy. 

One program is available now for chapters to facilitate in a group setting. "Agree to Disagree is a Copout" is a program that can help chapter members learn how to resolve conflict and use that experience with conflict as a stepping stone to further themselves and their chapter.  

Download Agree to Disagree is a Copout Program

Download Accompanying Powerpoint for Agree to Disagree is a Copout

What News Sources Can I Trust?

We are unable to make recommendations on this. There is little consensus on what news outlets have an unbiased approach to reporting. With this in mind, here are some things to consider when seeking out information:

  • Does the URL have a standard look like ""? If it looks similar to "" but not quite right, then you should do more investigating. 

  • Go beyond the headlines. Headlines are meant to capture your attention and may or may not accurately depict the whole story. Take a minute to read and not just glance. 

  • Are there quotations in the news story? If so, are they from a title (ex. Speaker of the House, Senator, Vice President, etc.) you recognize or can quickly be identified through a simple Google search?

  • Be aware of algorithms. This has been a topic of conversation as of late. It's good to keep in the back of your mind that you see what you search; most of our devices, browsing history, clicks, etc. are connected. You may have to seek out sources and information beyond what you're being shown on your social media feeds. 


  • Take a moment to consider what you repost. As previously noted, headlines are created to capture your attention. Before you determine to click the "share" option, make sure it's something you really believe to be true - and check on the validity of the source. 

  • Encourage dialogue. Don't just shut down a person who has different beliefs than you - take time to have a respectful conversation.

  • Use your voice. Make a plan to vote on Election Day and take others with you! Not sure how or where to start? Click the links above for TurboVote to get started. 

Quick Start Guide

We've put together a one-page quick reference guide that can be printed. Click here to download it.

New Programs Coming Soon!

  • Empowered Women: The Legacy of our Founders and Their Tie to Civic Engagement

  • Hard Discussions Need a Tender Heart: Tools to Listen Well and Communicate Effectively

  • Knowing What You Know: A Non-Partisan Call to Get Educated on Politics!

  • The 19th Amendment: Why 100 Years Matters

  • Making a Plan to Get to the Polls
Communications Policy: Political Positions or Policies

Members are free to express their own personal opinions on political matters, but shall not do anything to explicitly state or implicitly suggest that such opinions are being expressed (i) on behalf of Alpha Xi Delta or (ii) in a member’s capacity as an officer or member of Alpha Xi Delta. In expressing personal opinions on political matters in a public forum, members shall take care to avoid the implication that such opinions are attributed to Alpha Xi Delta, including, but not limited to creating the impression that Alpha Xi Delta is taking any type of public policy position or supports, endorses or opposes any candidate for political office without first obtaining the express written consent from the National Fraternity. If, given the circumstances surrounding the political expression, a reasonable person could imply that a member is speaking on behalf of Alpha Xi Delta or in her capacity as an officer of member of Alpha Xi Delta, such member shall make it clear that the opinion expressed does not represent the views of the Chapter or Fraternity. 

Download Alpha Xi Delta's full Communication, Online and Social Media Policy