Foundation Board and Staff

Eleven Trustees are responsible for creating and sustaining the Foundation's mission, approving long range plans and ensuring financial solvency, managing resources, ensuring adequate resources and monitoring programs and services for consistency with the Foundation’s vision and goals. Trustees establish prudent investment philosophies, policies and practices; approve and monitor the budget; and identify, cultivate and steward donors.

Eight Trustees are elected for four-year terms; two are appointed for two year terms; and the National President serves by virtue of her office. The four elected Trustees serve for a term of four years, thus maintaining a board of eight elected Trustees at all times. A Trustee may serve two (2) consecutive elected terms or any number of non-consecutive elected terms. 

Alpha Xi Delta’s Committee on Leadership invites you to recommend Sisters to serve on the Fraternity’s 2023-25 National Council, the 2023-25 National Housing Corporation, and the Foundation’s 2023-27 Board of Trustees. Recommendations are due February 1, 2023.

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Image of Andrea Fouberg

Andrea Fouberg

South Dakota State University

Foundation Chair

Image of Peggy Coyne

Peggy Coyne

Kent State University

Foundation Secretary

Image of Lydia Bugli

Lydia Bugli

Marquette University

Foundation Treasurer

Image of Liz Battaglia

Liz Battaglia

University of Virginia

Foundation Treasurer

Image of Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee

Old Dominion University

Foundation Trustee

Image of Courtney Caron Peters

Courtney Caron Peters


Foundation Trustee

Image of Kate Martin

Kate Martin

University of Florida

Foundation Trustee

Image of Laurel Beth Amabile

Laurel Beth Amabile

University of Southern Maine

Foundation Trustee

Image of Julie Kleckley Hummer

Julie Kleckley Hummer

University of Virginia

Foundation Trustee

Image of Monica Schafer Broughton

Monica Schafer Broughton

University of Texas at Austin

Foundation Vice Chair

Alpha Xi Delta Foundation Staff

Image of Elysia Balster Gallivan

Elysia Balster Gallivan

E, University of South Dakota

National Executive Director

Image of Elizabeth Shelly De Jong

Elizabeth Shelly De Jong

Δ, Bethany College

Director of Development