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Symbols of Sisterhood

International Badge Day is on Monday, March 4, 2024. When was the last time you put on your Quill of Gold and let her work her magic on finding other sorority women in your life? 

The Challenge: 

Wear your Quill on Badge Day. How many people ask you what it is—how many others follow up to share their affiliation?

You remember the saying “It’s not 4 years; it’s for life.” Yet, when was the last time you adorned your Quill to an event that wasn’t specifically sorority-related? And why? Alpha Xi Delta has given us so much: friendships, opportunities, leadership development, a home away from home, and so much more, yet we hesitate to wear our Quill to work? To a volunteer meeting? To the grocery store? LET’S STOP THE MADNESS!

This International Badge Day wear that Quill of gold and be prepared to tell others what it is and why you’re wearing it. You can find info on International Badge Day here. However, only YOU can put into words why you’re wearing it. Share a story or a memory (hopefully and appropriate one!)—have an elevator speech ready to go for whoever asks.

Be sure to keep count of how many other sorority women you meet and how many affiliated people in general come out with “oh I’m in XYZ.” Nothing brings people together quite like reminiscing about the good ole days. 

Tools Needed:

Your Badge!

Report Participation

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