Winter Break Readiness

Don't Let Winter Fool You!

  • $3.8 Million paid and 50 claims reported last year. 
  • Many first claims are due to freezing temperatures, take time to shut off the main water.
  • If you have a loss due to turning the heat off, you may be responsible for some of the damage. 
  • HMA offers many resources including webinars, check sheets and the ability to talk with experts. 
  • Freeze claims were reported in 21 different states, as south as Texas!

Risks Due to Winter Perils:

  • No immediate oversight resulting in damage.
  • Risk of unexpected displacement.
  • Furnace's pilot light blowing out.
  • Heat loss due to turning off heat for break.
  • Frozen pipes cause catastrophic water damage.
  • Facility is not adequately insulated.
  • Property premiums increase due to claims. 

Protect Your Home:

  • Keep the heat on and thermostat set to 60 degrees during winter months. 
  • Conduct daily walkthroughs of house over extended breaks.
  • Check all windows and doors to ensure tight seal. 
  • Turn off and drain pluming system.  
  • Leave doors to cabinets that contain water lines open. 
  • Install a water detection system like PipeBurst Pro. 
  • Open indoor faucets slightly to trickle. 

If you suffer an unfortunate loss, ServiceMaster Disaster Services has a dedicated telephone line 888 927-4877 for Sisters and is ready to respond 24 hours a day 7 days a week.