Symphony in Action: Britt Kolek

Written by Britt Kolek, University of Mount Union '17

I joined Alpha Xi Delta the fall semester of my freshman year. I was at college for five weeks and I was incredibly excited to start this new journey. I remember every detail of the day I ran home to Alpha Xi Delta. While this is not a Bid Day story, it was one of the most important moments of my life. I spent my first year in AXiD like most freshman do. Figuring out college, sorority life, and figuring out who I was. I learned very quickly the loving and supportive environment that was AXiD. I looked happy on the outside, and even though I was, I dealt with a deeper turmoil on the inside that came out when I was alone and only I could settle.

Marisa Stover (right) and Britt during work week for recruitment.

When I came back for sophomore year I knew who I was and I, like a lot of people, was terrified to come out. To this day I don’t think I ever did...formally anyway. I didn’t stand in front of the room and make a big deal and give a long emotional speech. I was just me. The same as I always was. I just stopped hiding my bisexuality. I would comment on celebrity women I was crushing on and I started using a little more RuPaul’s Drag Race slang. But at the same time it didn’t become my new personality. I think, far too often, women attach themselves to their sexuality, whether they are straight or LGBTQIA+, and I don’t think it’s healthy. I believe that if your personality is an outfit, your sexuality is the watch. It’s practical, you feel naked without it on, but it doesn’t make or break the outfit. Your sexuality is something to take pride in, but it doesn’t have to be all-consuming.

That’s what I love about my Sisters. They don’t see my sexuality. They don’t use me as the “token bisexual/lesbian”. I’m just Britt. Always have been, and always will be. I was still the person my Sisters could come to if they needed a laugh or a cry. If they wanted to talk about mental health or which ice cream flavor was superior. I always had a moment to chat and catch up despite my busy schedule.

Even when I chopped my hair off going into junior year. My Sisters loved my pixie cut just as much, if not more, than I did. I finally felt complete with it, and they agreed. It was Britt all the way. And boy did I rock it. I felt I could be more masculine on the days where my tomboy self came through and I had never felt more feminine and beautiful when I wore a dress. My Sisters allow me to be whoever I am that day. From flannel and ball caps, to dresses, to a sharp pantsuit. Though, I think they like it best when I wear my letters with pride and the biggest smile on my face. You can’t tell me there is anything better to be in this world than an Alpha Xi when I wear them.

Britt with her chapter Sister, Allie Boschini. 

The greatest thing is about my Sisters is not just their support that helps me realize my potential, but what I love the most is that they don’t see an item of clothing. They don’t see a bisexual. They never have. From the moment I ran into their arms, they only saw Britt.

And in a world where I can be anything, I’m proud to be a bisexual. I’m proud to be Britt and most of all I’m proud to be an Alpha Xi.