Q & A With a Travel Team Member

An interview with Leadership Coach Emily Brown, Iowa ‘18

What does a typical day or week look like in your role as leadership coach?

Each day is so different! I am working with a different chapter every five days or so, either virtually, hosting meetings via Microsoft Teams or in-person, staying in a chapter facility and spending time with the women on campus. I am consistently meeting with chapter officers and writing reports summarizing our conversations to be sent as follow-ups. I also spend time crafting programs, either pulling from the Inspire program or writing something new based on a chapter's specific needs. Lastly, there is the administrative side of the job; emailing, expense reports and internal team meetings to juggle in between the rest. 

How do you support and guide the members of Alpha Xi Delta in their leadership development?

I support and guide chapter members through individual coaching sessions. These sessions are a time to check-in on how Sisters are handling their time as leaders and discuss any concerns they may have. I guide the conversations with questions specific to the chapter and to the position the member has. Each session, we discuss chapter and personal goals for the semester and/or officer term, then brainstorm how the Sister can use her strengths and skills to succeed. 

How do you customize your coaching approach to meet the unique needs and goals of Alpha Xi Delta members?

Prior to the start of a visit, Leadership Coaches have ‘prep calls’ where we meet with the assigned chapter’s Associate Director and learn where we should focus our time during a visit through programming and coaching sessions. Usually, this focus is Sisterhood or general leadership development. When members sign up for their coaching sessions, I also offer a space for Sisters to choose additional topics they may want to discuss, such as time management or resume building. 

I also work with the chapter’s Chapter Advisor and National Council Designee to gather a full picture of what is happening within the chapter on a daily and weekly basis. Oftentimes, I am also working with the Chapter President to understand what topic may be most beneficial for chapter programming, for example, member engagement, leadership, or communication to name a few. 

What advice do you have for Alpha Xi Delta members who aspire to take on leadership roles within their chapters?

Go for it, Sister! Start with something smaller if you’re not sure where to start. Chair roles are a great introduction to learning how to lead your chapter while managing school work and how to work in a team. Every position matters to the success of the chapter and the organization. If you’re curious about a position, offer to help with that team’s next event or simply grab a coffee with that Sister to learn more about the role. Push yourself to realize your potential! You’ve got this!

Are there any strategies you recommend for managing time and priorities effectively?

I have two favorite tips for managing time and prioritizing tasks. First, the Eisenhower Matrix can help you categorize their tasks into four quadrants depending on how urgent and important they are. Once sorted, you then have an idea of what you need to do right then, what you can schedule for later, items you can delegate to others, or you can delete from your to-do list completely. Next, utilizing the Pomodoro technique - 25-minute focused work sessions with a 5-minute break, then repeat is a great way to start big projects that you're nervous to start or have been putting off. Simply set a timer, turn off your phone, and keep a notepad handy for anything that pops into your head that is not relevant to the task at hand- say, you need to call your grandma. Take a break for a quick refresh, then get back to it! I love these because they are easily implementable, even for busy schedules!

What has been your favorite memory from your time as a Leadership Coach?

My favorite memory as a Leadership Coach has been creating and presenting new programs that are specific to each chapter's needs. Hearing how these presentations impact Sisters and the conversations that I get to have that follow them are really rewarding! Making even just one member's experience a little brighter or opening their eyes to knew ideas/ways of thinking has been the best part of the job. 

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