National Hazing Prevention Week 2023

55% of college students today involved in clubs, teams and organizations have experienced hazing in some form (source). Intimidation, harassment and sometimes even violence are ways hazing threatens the health and safety of its’ victims. National Hazing Prevention Week, September 25-29, is an important time to remind ourselves how to recognize hazing, how to respond and get support. As a reminder, Alpha Xi Delta members are required to comply with all federal, state, provincial, and local laws regarding hazing. 

How to Recognize

It’s important to note that there are most likely local definitions of hazing at the university/college, state, province, and/or federal levels. Be sure to educate yourself with those definitions and what policies and procedures are required by law. Ignorance or an inability to recognize behaviors that are considered hazing is not an acceptable reason to stand by or participate. National Hazing Prevention Network has resources on its website related to state laws. 

Hazing can take many forms, which is why it sometimes goes unnoticed and unreported. There is no exhaustive list of hazing behaviors because hazing behavior can be as severe as resulting in death to slight and subtle like socially isolating New Members. It’s a spectrum of behaviors, but all hazing behavior is unacceptable and subject to consequences.  

Be Proactive.

There are many ways you can bond as a chapter and grow your Sisterhood. The Inspire member development program has great program options for you and your chapter to do during National Hazing Prevention Week. Here are a few suggestions:

    If someone were to follow you around for two weeks, what would they say you value most? This program has a values in action focus and discusses reconciling your actions with what you would want people to say how you are living out our values. This would be a great program to facilitate during NHPW to highlight values congruency.

    This program is a mix of personality test/communication skills. Knowing how each person thinks and approaches a topic or situation can help the chapter work better together as a team by laying down a foundation of understanding.

    This program involves splitting the chapter up into groups and giving them parameters to create their own team building activities—then sharing/doing them.

Looking for something short and sweet? The following are team building and Sisterhood programs found within Inspire that are shorter. These all focus on getting to know each other and sharing some feel-good Sisterhood vibes.

  • Yarn Toss
  • Tap a Sister Who…
  • Take What You Need
  • Show Some Appreciation 

Get Support

Creating a respectful, equitable, and safe environment is the responsibility of all members. The following resources are available to support individuals who may be navigating a response to hazing.

  • Here exist resources for students, advisors, parents, and professionals, including information on hazing laws, involvement opportunities, and awareness events. 
  • The Anti-Hazing Hotline: This free reporting line is for those who are, or know someone who may be, a victim of hazing, with the option to remain anonymous. (888) NOT-HAZE
  • Hazing: The Issue: This StopHazing Research Lab article overviews what hazing is and how it impacts college students today. 
  • Penn State University – Timothy J. Piazza Center for Fraternity and Sorority Research and Reform: The Center offers dynamic research focusing on the prevention of hazing, substance misuse, and dangerous drinking.

    Alpha Xi Delta Sisterhood is many things, but it isn’t hazing. We encourage all Sisters to stand up and speak out to help raise awareness and promote hazing prevention.