Karen R's Story

I'm inspired to share "my story" due to an Alpha Xi Delta I just met at a Founders' Day celebration in San Diego. This member is an alumnae like me and when we talked about her college experience, she said joining Alpha Xi Delta had been a great thing for her at the time, but that she probably enjoyed her experience as an alumnae member even more. Her comment caught my attention as I realized I feel the same way too but had never really shared that with anyone else.

I am forever grateful for my Gamma Alpha Sisters and the family they helped me create during my college days at San Diego State Unviersity. We had a lot of fun and I grew a lot as a person and Sister because of them. Then, I had the honor to serve as a Chapter Consultant, now the ELC program, and that was a life changing experience for me personally and within the context of my Alpha Xi Delta experience. The chance to see about half of the country in a year and work with collegiate and alumnae Sisters across our nation is one I will forever be grateful for. Many of the connections I made with these Sisters are still in place today and these connections led to other connections as I continued to explore opportunities as an alumnae member. My membership has truly been a beautiful experience and grown in ways I never would have predicted during my years as an undergraduate. I look forward to what is still to come!