Inspiring Women through the Leadership Coach Program

An interview with former Leadership Coach Jylian Herring, Ohio ‘17

When I started my time as a Leadership Coach, I was uncertain of what to expect. I knew I would grow and change through the position, as well as impacting the growth of others. I recognized the biggest growth in the first month of being a Leadership Coach (LC). I learned quickly how to not only have but encourage and facilitate others having conversations around hard topics. I learned it was my job to help make the person or chapter I was working with into a better Sister, a better person, or a better organization, not about me and my growth. Most importantly, it was my job to use the tools and resources I had been given during my LC training to listen and provide a sounding board for Sisters. I could challenge them with the simple question, “What do you need to be successful?”

I knew early on that I would be facing a challenge LCs before me had not faced, with many of our college Sisters having become members during the pandemic. We provided basic leadership skills to help them learn how to run a chapter meeting, facilitate conversations within their chapters and plan events in-person. My most rewarding experience, although there are so many it is hard to narrow it down, was probably helping a Sister with projects she was working on for her role as an executive committee member, talking about leadership and how she can help have those conversations that center around more difficult topics. That Sister was able to move very naturally into the Chapter President role, which she credits to our time together.

Each day as an LC is different, and I loved that. There is always creative problem solving and helping young women see beyond their self-imposed limitations. Each day I could be assured I was going to be mentoring Sisters, helping them find their own voices and growing. It was my job to help build their confidence, to help each Sister I worked with, whether in a large group setting like chapter meeting or a session at Officer Academy, live our mission of Realizing their Potential.

This article was originally published in the spring 2022 issue of The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta.

About the Leadership Coach Program

A Leadership Coach fosters member development through facilitating programs including CliftonStrengths™ (formerly called StrengthsQuest), Inspire programs, and programming created specifically to help address a chapter’s needs! They host one-on-one meetings to help Sisters better understand their personal leadership style and set plans to achieve their goals. The Leadership Coach Program is fully funded by the Alpha Xi Delta Foundation and gifts made on Day of Giving (April 17) support this program.