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Living Your Ritual When No One is Around

Written by Chelsea Perry, Former Educational Leadership Consultant

Many of us aren’t able to be with our Sisters right now. In the midst of the disappointment and sadness this might bring, we have great news! Living our Ritual daily does not include having to share the Ritual itself with another human. 

In fact, we are able to see what someone values by how they act and treat other people. We do not have to outwardly tell someone what we value, though that may be an accountability tool for you, it is certainly not necessary in living our Fraternity’s guiding values

For me, it helps if I focus on reacquainting myself daily with our Ritual or even The Symphony. The words they contain were specifically chosen to help all Alpha Xi Delta women strive for a higher ideal of living. It helps me to focus on key phrases, and oftentimes, the words I focus on change depending on what is happening in my life. Whether I need strength to face a family situation, or I need humility to laugh at myself, the words in our most sacred text can serve us if we are intentional about putting them into practice daily.

A phrase I have heard is “What Would Cora Do?” and while that isn’t necessarily my advice, it’s not too far off! Our Ritual was put in place by our Founders as a guiding value for us to live our lives. This means we can turn to it to help us find an answer to some of life’s most complex (and even mundane) circumstances. Our Founders created Alpha Xi Delta with the vision that she would be an opportunity to allow us to grow in courage, graciousness and peace. Grow is my key word here. We are allowed and encouraged to continue improving in all aspects of life and this definitely applies to growing in living our Ritual.  

Journaling Prompts: 

1. What is something you can commit to doing daily to reacquaint yourself with Ritual and bring it into your living reality?

2. How has the Ritual helped you name and recognize your existing values?

3. Who is someone you admire who you believe is an ultimate example of living their Ritual? (This person does not need to be a member of Alpha Xi Delta, but they surely can be.) How does this person treat the people around them? How does this person make difficult decisions and handle sticky situations? How can you incorporate what you admire about this person into your daily practices?

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