Inspire Lite: Heritage Group Programs

Programs and resources to help you demonstrate an increased affinity for the Ritual, values and heritage of Alpha Xi Delta and integrate this knowledge in tending to our Sisterhood.
Key Chain

This program is intended for group facilitation. We recommend you use a platform where everyone can be seen—Zoom is a great and free option. There may be others out there too, so use what you feel most confident in facilitating from. 

Take a few moments to look around your room and pick 3 objects that mean something to you. Once everyone has had a few minutes to pick out and think about their objects, you will come back together to share.  

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Pass It To You

This activity will show us how connected we are to each other! It can be especially easy to forget about the importance of appreciating each other when we are not as physically close as we are used to. This activity will give us the chance to lift each other up and show how strong and unique our Sisterhood is even through challenging times.

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Show Some Appreciation

In our Sisterhood, it is important to express and validate our most treasured gifts. Each one of us has certain qualities or skills that when tapped are an expression of our greatness. However, it is also true that we may not stop to honor these gifts. When we honor our true gifts, we become better leaders. This program is about recognizing your talents that inspire others while also recognizing those who inspire you!   

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Take What You Need

This is a fun get-to-know you activity that can be facilitated through a video call platform, like Zoom, that uses things around the house.

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