Hurricane/Tropical Storm Readiness

What do I do it property loss is sustained at my chapter? 

  • Obtain temporary housing for any displaced Sisters. Keep all records and receipts to expense your claim. 
  • Protect property from further damage by hiring contractors to board windows, cover holes and clean up standing water. 
  • Notify your insurance agent about loss as soon as possible. Do so using all relevant insurance information. 
  • Create an inventory of damaged items. 

Quick tips for prevention:

  • Secure or move outdoor lawn furniture inside. 
  • Board up windows. 
  • Move property off of ground level.
  • Replace old garage doors and tracks. 
  • Trim/remove trees close enough to cause damage to the property. 

Who do I contact?

If you suffer damage, please remember that Holmes Murphy has had discussions with ServiceMaster Recovery Management to develop a partnership and provide priority of service to Alpha Xi Deltas. This partnership provides Sisters with immediate service which is not always readily available in major storm situations. 

Alpha Xi Delta's recovery contact is:

Jeanetta Favour
National Account Manager
(816) 918-5501
(888) 927-4877

For further information or questions regarding property loss and claim information, contact Holmes Murphy at (800) 736-4327, ext 5500. Contact the claims team at