Giving Back: Courtney Caron-Peters is the Youngest Member to Endow a Scholarship

In 2001, Courtney Caron-Peters, Fresno State ‘99, attended National Convention in Washington, D.C. to represent the Gamma Epsilon Chapter as Chapter President. It was at this Convention where her eyes were opened wider to Alpha Xi Delta on a national level, and her spark to give back was ignited.

During Convention, Courtney was awarded the Marianne Clausing Lee Scholarship. Upon meeting Marianne, who at the time was the youngest Alpha Xi Delta to endow a scholarship, Courtney became inspired to walk in Marianne’s footsteps. She set out with a goal to one day endow her own scholarship when the time was right.

From the time she graduated from Cal State University, Fresno, Courtney consistently donated to the Alpha Xi Delta Foundation. In the beginning, it was $5-$10 a month. Each time she received a raise or started a new job, she would bump that donation amount by another $5-$10. Throughout her giving, the idea of endowing a scholarship was always in the back of her mind.

"This last year I decided this was the right time. Coincidentally, when they looked at the history, I was the youngest person who has ever endowed a scholarship,” said Courtney. “That was important to me because I want to show you can always give regardless of your age. It was a goal I set, and I knew I wanted to achieve it,” she said.

In 2022, Courtney became the youngest Alpha Xi Delta to endow a scholarship, which sparked from her love and appreciation of four inspirational women, Alpha Xi Delta Sisters Deanna Wollam Detchemendy, Marie Campopiano-Slater, and Suzy Manfredo-Wren, and her late mother-in-law Carol Peters, all who have continually guided Courtney to realize her potential in each of life’s seasons. The Caron-Peters Woman of Resilience Scholarship will provide a sponsorship of a Sister to attend The Founders’ Academy in off-Convention years. In Convention years, it will revert to a traditional scholarship for an Alpha Xi Delta Sister.

“Every donation to the Foundation is important, and it doesn’t have to be large sums of money. Donating small amounts over the course of time makes a significant impact,” said Courtney.

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