Fueling your body to get moving!

Moving our bodies and giving them proper nutrition is important to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Here are seven easy ways to make small changes that can set you up for long-term success.

1. Schedule out your gym time ahead of time.

Sticking to a routine will help you to form a habit, get used to going, and make it more likely to continue with your healthy routine! If you’ve tried to work out after work/school and it’s just not happening, schedule your gym time BEFORE so you know it’ll get done.

2. Bring a friend with you.

Working out with friends is an amazing trick to help keep you accountable going to the gym / getting a good sweat in. It can also make things much less intimidating and overwhelming when you have someone by your side.

3. Set goals for yourself.

Whether that be upping your weight, going to the gym “x” times a week, or being able to do a pull-up, any goal small or large is so beneficial to have.

4. Reduce sugar intake.

Try seltzer or club soda as a mixer to cut added sugar in your drinks or add a squeeze of lemon or lime for flavor. In addition, space out your drinks by alternating with water. Using banana in your dishes provides a perfect amount of sweet flavor without the added sugar! Try banana instead of jelly on PB&J, add frozen banana to smoothies, use it as an ingredient in baking or add it to plain oatmeal for some natural sweetness.

5. Make healthy swaps.

Substitute plain yogurt in place of sour cream, mayonnaise and even whipped cream to reduce intake of saturated fat and pack an extra punch of protein.

6. Keep your gut healthy.

Eat more probiotic-rich foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt, kefir or miso. Look for “active cultures” or “contains live cultures” on the product label. If you’re taking antibiotics, it’s especially important to take probiotics! Antibiotics do a great job clearing out both good and bad bacteria in the gut, so it’s important to replace the good bacteria.

7. Add some vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar can improve gut health with its prebiotic fiber and helpful bacteria. This can improve pH level in the stomach to combat heartburn and bloating. It can also balance intestinal bacteria, which research is finding promotes not only gut health but also immunity and mental health. A healthier gut is correlated with a healthier body weight, which is where some of the weight loss claims from cider vinegar stem. Mixing a tablespoon with a glass of water should do the trick for the above.

About the author

Nina Hasemann is a Registered Dietitian in the greater Philadelphia area who works for a corporate wellness company to help clients make progress towards their personal health goals. She has worked as an RD and certified health coach for an athletic club and as an RD for an oncology center. In her free time, Nina enjoys Zumba, swimming and traveling. You can connect with Nina on The Empowerment Network and follow her on Instagram @the_picky_dietitian.