Alexa's Story

Moving 1,000 from my small hometown right of Memphis, TN to a huge city- Philadelphia, PA was quite a change for me. I didn’t know anyone, nor did anyone from my high school move to Philly. The first semester of college for me was kind of rough because I didn’t know where I fit in or had found my life long friends yet. Over Christmas break one of my most loved and dear to my heart family members was murdered. I didn’t want to come back to school because I still didn’t have any close friends. I was depressed and anxiety filled. However, I remember I signed up for spring recruitment and actually was excited because I knew I’d soon have lifelong friends that were just like me- looking for their life long friends. 

The first day of recruitment there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to be in Alpha Xi Delta’s room during pref and bid day. I felt at home every single time I walked in. The girls were so nice and welcoming. I didn’t have to be someone I wasn’t in there- I was home. When I got my bid I screamed and couldn’t wait to run home to my Sisters that night! I remember walking in and seeing girls from classes I had taken that remembered me and we all automatically clicked. During the process I found out that I wasn’t the only girl that felt alone or didn’t find her place yet at Temple. Most all of my Sisters felt the same exact way. It was so nice opening up to all 60 of my pledge class, because I’ve never had close girl friends like that to talk to. Initiation rolled around and I could hardly wait to wear my stitched letters the next day! 

Alpha Xi Delta has given me a sense of relief, comfort, happiness, and friendship. Without AXiD I don’t know where I would be at today. I’ve met my future bridesmaid and godmothers and I couldn’t ask for a better organization to be apart of or support an amazing philanthropy dear to my heart Autism Speaks. Thank you to all my beautiful empowering sisters for uplifting me each and every day! TFJ

Written by Alexa Peavey, '17 Temple