21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge

This was developed by Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. (source) and was previously used by Alpha Xi Delta for the A Clear Vision of Life Program.

Think about a time you successfully started new habit: a new exercise routine, less screen time, read more. You probably learned that creating long-lasting change takes time—and consistent practice. Creating effective social justice habits also take the same amount of dedication and time to integrate into your life.

The 21 Day Racial Equity Challenge, developed by Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr., is broken up into seven categories: Read, Listen, Watch, Notice, Connect, Engage and Act. For 21 days, do an action from one of the seven categories to further your understanding of power, privilege, supremacy, oppression, and equity and then reflect on it. 

First, we ask you go to the website and read through the challenge and descriptions of the seven categories. From there, you can choose your own adventure: go to the website each day to choose and complete one of the activities for that day’s category or use the calendar that we curated for you utilizing the resources listed on the website.

Whichever route you choose, stick to it for 21 days!

Day 1: Read

Day 2: Listen

Day 3: Watch

Day 4: Notice

Day 5: Connect

Day 6: Engage

  • Step Up Step Back. If you are generally quiet, step up and practice speaking more. If you are generally a talker, practice stepping back and listening more.

Day 7: Act

  • Invite other Sisters, friend(s), family, and/or colleagues to do the 21-Day Challenge with you.

Day 8: Read

Day 9: Listen

Day 10: Watch

Day 11: Notice

  • What is the racial mix of the main characters in your favorite TV shows? Movies?

Day 12: Connect

  • Google who’s who in your area by typing in ‘Racial Justice” or “Anti-Racist” + name of city/town, organization, or sector. A few website visits and you’ll likely be able to follow one or more organizations in your area on social media who are addressing issues of power and privilege.

Day 13: Engage

  • Notice when you are uncomfortable. Reflect on why you’re uncomfortable and think about what you can do to build more emotional stamina in this area.

Day 14: Act

  • Prepare yourself to interrupt racial jokes. Click HERE for some advice about how.

Day 15: Read

Day 16: Listen

Day 17: Watch

  • 13th, Netflix documentary by Ava DuVernay

Day 18: Notice

  • Who is filling what kinds of jobs/social roles in your world? (e.g. Who’s the store manager and who’s stocking the shelves? Who’s waiting on tables and who’s busing the food?) Can you correlate any of this to racial identity?

Day 19: Connect

Day 20: Engage

  • Validate others by listening closely and believing the truth and importance of what they are sharing.

Day 21: Act

  • When the status quo is racist, disrupt it. No matter how big or small put yourself out there to create change. No need to wait until you are comfortable disrupting; it may never get comfortable, though you will get better at managing discomfort! Examples include:

    • Improving the representation of books in the library by raising funds and purchasing hundreds of new books
    • Disrupting inappropriate language by offering alternative language you yourself are learning
    • Speaking, emailing, and posting about articles, blogs, movies, and this 21-Day Challenge that you find impactful. Let people know you are not neutral!