Undergraduate Giving Challenge FAQ

What is the Heart Sunshine Circle?

The Heart Sunshine Circle is an annual giving society exclusively for collegiate members who make a gift of at least $18.93 to the Foundation during the fiscal year (June 1 – May 31). Each year, Heart Sunshine Circle members are asked to renew their gift of $18.93 to remain in the society.

What does the Foundation do?

Alpha Xi Delta Foundation ensures resources so the Fraternity can fulfill her mission. The Fraternity’s leadership and life-skills programs are the Foundation’s top funding priorities. Things like Leadership Coach Program visits, StrengthsQuest™, Courageous Conversations and The Founders’ Academy are all made possible because of the Foundation. 

How long does the Undergraduate Giving Challenge last?

The fall Undergraduate Giving Challenge runs October 1-7. The spring UGC runs March 1-7. 

I already pay dues. Why should I participate in the Undergraduate Giving Challenge?

Alpha Xi Delta is comprised of three separate entities; the Fraternity, National Housing Corporation, and the Foundation. Chapter dues go towards the Fraternity’s needs such as individual chapter budgets, member insurance, and other non-educational purposes. The Alpha Xi Delta Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization, which means donations are tax deductible as allowable by law. In order for the Foundation to continue to support educational purposes, we look for financial support from both our undergraduate and alumnae members.

What is the process for receiving my recognition dangle?

Recognition dangles will be distributed to each chapter after consultation with Chapter Presidents and Foundation Support Directors/Program Vice Presidents later this winter. Your chapter representatives will receive the dangles and instructions on who should receive a dangle and recognition within the chapter for participating in UGC. She will be responsible for distributing the dangles to specific chapter members. 

What if a Sister can't give online?

Mail-in donations are accepted. Please contact Amber Hageman at ahageman@alphaxidelta.org for instructions.

Can I give other amounts?

We hope that each of you can find a way to donate $18.93 in honor of our founding year, but we know that is not feasible for everyone. We ask that you give what you are comfortable with, but we encourage every member to participate. 

Can I make my gift in honor of someone?

Yes. If your gift is at least $18.93, then you can make your gift in honor of someone. An email will be sent to the honoree acknowledging a special gift was made to the Foundation in their honor. The amount of your gift is not disclosed.

Can I charge $18.93 to my OmegaFi bill?

At this time, there is not a mechanism that allows members to individually elect to have a donation billed to their account.

If I make a gift to Cora's Challenge, will that count towards my participation in the Undergraduate Giving Challenge?

No. If a gift is made during Cora's Challenge, it will not count towards UGC. If a Sister wants to ensure she receives the recognition dangle, gifts to UGC should be made during October 1-7 or March 1-7.