Territory Directors

Territory Directors assist members, college chapters and alumnae associations in achieving the Fraternity's strategic priorities, and have expertise in a specific area. 

They work with the National Director and their team to provide feedback from reports, are available for additional training, and to answer area specific questions. Territory Directors are divided into four geographic territories – Midwest, Northeast, Southeast and West.

Kaitlin Hart Bracken

Philanthropy Territory Director - Southeast

Cassidy Braun

Recruitment Territory Director - Northeast

Jennifer Breisacher

Philanthropy Territory Director - Northeast

Jennifer Clement

Recruitment Territory Director-Southeast

Dana Cook

C.A.R.E. Territory Director - Northeast

Trisha Craig

Finance Territory Director-Northeast

Tresa Cummins

Undergraduate Education Area Director

Ivonne Delgado

Lifetime Engagement Area Director

LeAnn DiAndreth-Elkins

Academic Territory Director-Northeast

Julie Dillon

Finance Territory Director - Midwest

Brooke Gazzoli

Philanthropy Territory Director - West

Jenna Geary

Recruitment Territory Director-Southeast

Carol Ann Mullins

Academic Territory Director-Southeast

Lindsey Hierro

Finance Territory Director - West

Kristen Hines

Recruitment Territory Director - Southeast

Tori Hollingsworth

C.A.R.E. Territory Director - Southeast

Ellen Jeffries

Recruitment Territory Director - Midwest

Jeanette Kletzli

Lifetime Engagement Area Director

Gretchen Knight

C.A.R.E. Territory Director-Midwest

Kaitlyn Mikalic

Recruitment Territory Director-Northeast

Ryann Moore

Academic Territory Director-Midwest

Lauren Nash

Financial Territory Director - Southeast

Tia Nelson

Recruitment Territory Director - Southeast

Ashlee Nichols

Undergraduate Education Area Director

Maryn Patterson

Recruitment Territory Director-West

Mel Reed

Philanthropy Territory Director - Midwest

Lily Savinon

Undergraduate Education Area Director

Jane Schroeder

Lifetime Engagement Area Director