Linda's Story

I was an active member at Ohio Wesleyan. For a variety of reasons, I transferred to The Ohio State University after my sophomore year. While there, I was not an active member.

Move ahead 40 years. After my husband died, I moved to Oxford, Ohio, because I had remarried. I met many new neighbors and became particularly friendly with one woman. Our two families socialized together regularly, we worked together on projects, we joined some of the same organizations. During one of our many discussions, we were talking about our college experiences and discovered that both of us were Alpha Xi Deltas - no wonder we had so much in common! Ellen and I have continued our close friendship now for the past 20 years. We often speak fondly of our sorority ties and one year for Christmas, she bought me an AXiD sweatshirt. I will be forever grateful for this AXiD Sister.

- Submitted by Linda Burton Amspaugh, Ohio Wesleyan '57