Geraldine's Story

Sunday, February 1954 became a very special day for the new members of Alpha Xi Delta, Gamma Delta Chapter. We met at the Omaha Women's Club; it was a beautiful old home with lovely pictures, furnishings and gleaming silver. All the new members were sent to the second floor to dress in their lovely formals and to have their makeup and hair done. We were silly, giggly young ladies, but knew the importance of this ceremony that we were soon to partake in. Everyone downstairs was being seated and finally we were told to line up. As we individually walked down the winding staircase our name was called and our sorority mother came forward to lead us to the circle of membership. How proud I was to walk with the late Helen Howell as she proudly presented me. 

It was such a wonderful moment to see so many Sisters who were there to support not only me but the other pledges as well. Tears came to my eyes at the end and I knew that forever I belonged to a wonderful group of women all around the world. After the ceremony, we had a grand reception and were once more treated with love and understanding. I will forever cherish this special day. Now that I am in the senior part of my life, I will always remember the closeness that we all felt.

A sisterhood that will always be alive in my heart.

- Submitted by Geraldine Nordell, Nebraska '54