How to Prepare for 2024 Scholarship Applications

The Foundation's scholarship applications are due by March 1, 2024! With the ever increasing costs of going to college, financial assistance for deserving Sisters is a priority of the Foundation and our Sisters and friends who have endowed scholarships. Scholarship endowments start at $25,000, and scholarships and grants are awarded in amounts from $125 and up. Since the Foundation’s inception, more than $5 million in scholarships, grants and awards have been issued, allowing Sisters to finish a degree program or seek additional education with less financial burden. With the new year quickly approaching, we want Sisters to be as prepared as possible so that you feel confident going into the application process. Complete the following steps and you will already be well on your way to a successful scholarship application submission.

1. Do Your Research 

There are scholarships, grants and awards available to Alpha Xi Delta members and alumnae. Visit our website to learn more about everything that you may qualify for. The committee will best match all applicants to the most applicable scholarship.

General scholarships are available for:

  • Collegiate members regardless of chapter or field of study.
  • Alumnae members in a graduate program, regardless of chapter or field of study.

2. Prepare your information

Make the application process go as smoothly as possible and prepare all of the necessary items in advance. In order to apply you will need:

  • Updated Exclusively Xi account 
  • Your cumulative GPA 
  • Financial information
  • Two Letters of Recommendation

3. Start the conversation with potential references

The Alpha Xi Delta Foundation’s scholarship application will require recommendations from two references. Talking with potential references early about your scholarship application will help them learn more about your interests, goals, and why this opportunity is important to you. Be sure to select people who know you well and can speak to your strengths. Start thinking about who you might like to serve as your references now, and once the application is available, check to ensure they are eligible before sending requests.

4. Review your application before submitting.

Be sure to take the time to properly complete and review your applications to ensure no spelling errors, capitalization errors or content errors. Often times misspelled email addresses are submitted or other information is incorrect which can cause applicants to lose out on scholarships.

We recommend you complete the application on a computer instead of a phone due to autocorrect issues. 

5. Stay tuned to our social media and website for more information

Be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram for the latest scholarship application updates. For more information about Alpha Xi Delta Foundation scholarships, or to endow a scholarship, please email