Elizabeth's Story

During my time as a collegiate, I truly enjoyed myself and had lots of fun. I was embraced by a new set of immediate friends and Alpha Xi Delta was a home away from home. At the time, older alumnae would talk about Sisterhood for a lifetime, but it didn't really resonate with me until years later when I, too, became one of those "older" alums. In the last 10 years I have been active in the Sacramento Alumnae Association and currently serve as its President. It has opened my world to meet Sisters of all ages from many chapters, to participate in Autism Speaks philanthropy efforts, and to attend leadership programs and National Convention. Through these recent experiences, I have felt the reach of Alpha Xi Delta's mission and seen how the organization through the collective passion of all Sisters is helping women realize their potential. Reconnecting with my college chapter Sisters feels like no time has passed and we instantly begin laughing while reminiscing about the past. I enjoy meeting new Sisters who really aren't ever new since we have the bonds of Alpha Xi Delta sisterhood in common. Sisterhood is the heart of Alpha Xi Delta.

Written by Elizabeth Payette, '75 California State-Fresno