Annie's Story

My story, like so many others has many pieces to it. The memories and favorites go on from having a home throughout college and Sisters at my side, but I think the biggest piece that has impacted my life today is the courage and support from these Sisters to branch out and truly develop my own self. I became a social butterfly, engulfed in many organizations and stepping up to take on leadership roles. I never thought I could receive enough names on a petition for me to run for student government, let alone receive enough votes, but I did because I had the best support system. Everyone can make friends when they go to college but it is knowing you have these strong, independent women behind you and pushing you to the next step in life that separates the two. 

Through my social skills, I created a strong network of friends and associates over my four years at USD. I earned my first job because of what I was able to accomplish and I continue to find better opportunities through the people I know and have connected with and the alumnae I have met along the way. It is because of these connections that I was able to bring on an alumna to be our chapter advisor.

It is because of my role of president that I met some amazing alumnae that I have stayed connected to and who in turn introduced me to my soon to be husband. It is because of Alpha Xi Delta that I have a great network of close Sisters who I have stood by their side on their weddings days and now they will do the same for me. It is because of their courage, confidence, and graciousness that I have developed into the strong, independent women I am today.

There have been many laughs and tears over the years and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Our busy schedules helped keep me organized, our rules and merit points kept me honest and our positions helped me grow as a leader. I love going into an interview and walking out feeling accomplished. 

Being a volunteer is not always easy no matter the organization, but it because of what this organization has given me, that makes me want to come back year after year and hopefully one day expand that reach. It is because of my memories and connections that I give a monetary gift to the national fraternity. I give my time, talents, and hard earned dollars to our future leaders. It is not just four years or four walls because we are 125 years old and we are stronger than ever. 

No matter where life takes me, if it were not for Alpha X Delta, I would not be who I am today and I would not have the relationships both personally and professionally.

TFJ sisters!

Written by Annie Miller, '10 South Dakota