You're Invited

We’re kicking off fall with a giving day in honor of and celebrating Cora Bollinger Block’s birthday this Thursday, September 14, with the second annual Cora’s Challenge. Alumnae from coast to coast are being challenged to make donations to the Foundation in honor of Cora’s birthday – she would be turning 149, and we think she needs some love from her Sisters.

Our challenge to you is simple – make a donation to light a candle on Cora’s birthday cake. With each donation of $18.68 (less than you used to give for UGC!), we will light another candle on her cake. We hope you were considering supporting the Foundation again this fall and this is a great day for you to do it. Show your love for Cora and your love for Alpha Xi Delta.  

Cora’s Challenge helps ensure Alpha Xi Delta’s future success through donations that support programs like The Leadership Coach Program, Courageous Conversations and The Founders’ Academy. This year’s goal is ambitious - $18,680 and we need your support to help us meet that goal. You can make your gift here. Be sure to then invite your Sisters to join you; we both know the value of being asked or inspired by a Sister is key to the success of Cora’s Challenge.

We have set our goal high - $18,680 in just 24 hours! And YOU, as an alumna, are the one that who can help us make that happen. Could you also share the message of Cora’s Challenge on your social media, using #CorasChallenge and #AXiDLoyal and invite your Sisters to join you in making Cora’s Birthday a big one for her! Once you have donated you can use the profile overlay to share your pride and passion for Alpha Xi Delta.

Click here to make your gift TODAY!