Sandi's Letter of Love

Dear Sisters:

When I think of my time as National President, one of the things I’m most proud of, are the strides that Alpha Xi Delta made in our partnership with Autism Speaks. During those four years we were able to surpass the $1 million in one-year fundraising mark, we secured the National Presenting Sponsorship of the Autism Speaks Walk campaign and our membership seemingly caught fire over the mission of Autism Speaks. It appeared that everywhere we turned, Sisters were affected by autism in their personal, family, volunteer and professional lives.

My first experience with autism though, happened long before our partnership began in 2009 and happened much closer to home. My family spent time living in Massachusetts about ten years before Alpha Xi Delta embarked on this national partnership with Autism Speaks. While living there, we had a community full of neighbors and friends we were especially fond of. One of those families happened to have a son on the autism spectrum. Because of knowing that family, our partnership with Autism Speaks has always meant so much more to me.

Fast forward to almost 9 years of Alpha Xi Delta’s partnership with Autism Speaks and I’m continually so proud of the work our chapters, associations and members across the country do to support the mission. I also have the great joy of having an employer who has gotten engaged in the mission as well. Our company participates in many Autism Speaks objectives. From my personal fundraising support, to Light It Up Blue events during April, to volunteering at the walk. It’s been so fun to see my company engage in a mission that is important to its employees! And helping to secure that engagement was as simple as letting our CEO know that it was a cause that was important to me and to Alpha Xi Delta! You never know how easy it is to spread understanding and acceptance and to support the mission, simply by sharing what you are passionate about.

As we approach the end of November and of our second annual Letters of Love campaign, my love for Alpha Xi Delta’s commitment to philanthropy and to the mission of Autism Speaks has never been stronger! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this partnership and how together we can accelerate a spectrum of solutions for tomorrow.

In the bonds,

Sandi Edwards

Past National President