Micaela's Letter

Dear Sisters,

As we wrap up November, the month of thankfulness, I’m especially aware of how hard our membership works for the mission of Autism Speaks, and I’m so grateful for your efforts. This month we embarked on our second annual Letters of Love campaign and it did not disappoint! We learned of Sisters affected by autism in their personal, professional and volunteer lives, and we spread the message of understanding and acceptance to our circles of influence. Those messages of love brought in the lifeblood of donations that help fund the mission of Autism Speaks. I couldn’t be more proud or grateful for the work done this November.

In this month of thankfulness, we also celebrated a major milestone in our partnership with Autism Speaks. $7 million raised to help fund the mission of Autism Speaks. When I think about the lives impacted by this work, I’m overwhelmed! And overjoyed! Alpha Xi Delta is playing such a major role in enhancing the lives of those affected by autism today and accelerating a spectrum of solutions for tomorrow.

Even if you joined Alpha Xi Delta with no personal connection to autism, chances are along life’s journey you will become connected more personally to the mission in one way or another. With 1 in 68 children affected, the statistics show us that this will be true. The one thing we all do share is our connection in Alpha Xi Delta and our dedication to philanthropy, service in our communities and the care we share for our Sisters. Let us always keep that dedication and a special amount of care for our Sisters affected by autism. As we approach our 9th anniversary of the partnership with Autism Speaks, let us be grateful for the work already done and excited and engaged to continue to forge the path ahead with great amounts of love.

As of 5pm on November 30th, we have already far surpassed last year’s Letters of Love total by raising $76,000. We look forward to reporting the final amount raised by year end to allow for all mailed donations to arrive. If you haven’t yet sent your Letters of Love- you have a few hours left before November ends! This signature campaign was started to honor Suzanne Wright’s memory and I have no doubt that the work we are doing is making her memory so proud. Thank you for your participation in our second annual Letters of Love campaign.

In the bonds,
Micaela A. Isler
National President