A Letter from your Heart: Can we count on you this November?

Dear Sisters:

It’s hard to believe, but it’s officially November! I’m excited today to kick off our third annual Letters of Love campaign.

Suzanne Wright, co-founder of Autism Speaks, had a knack for the art of letter writing. Her beautiful, blue, handwritten script graced the bottom of many thoughtfully written letters of thanks. Thanks that were given for helping to spread her story, which became the mission of Autism Speaks. It was the story of a grandmother trying to make a difference for children like her grandson. Many Alpha Xi Delta women received these letters and upon Suzanne's untimely passing, inspired us to continue that tradition in our own way. To spread our story and to give our thanks for those who make Alpha Xi Delta’s partnership with Autism Speaks so profound and so important.

Since we started this campaign in 2017, it has truly become Alpha Xi Delta’s signature fundraising campaign for Autism Speaks. And what better way to do that fundraising than by reaching out to your chapter Sisters in love? Throughout November we will be sharing Alpha Xi Delta’s stories through Letters of Love. They are the stories of moms, grandmothers, sisters, friends, educators, behavior therapists, researchers, fundraisers and so many more. We encourage you to be inspired by these stories and in turn, share your story with your circles of influence.

Perhaps you have a personal connection to autism or perhaps before joining Alpha Xi Delta you didn't even know what autism was- regardless of your place in the story, your commitment to Alpha Xi Delta and Autism Speaks' mission means something important. By sharing your story, not only are we deepening our commitment and ability to raise critical funds for important research, advocacy work and family services, but you are also reaching a much larger audience of people who will engage in the mission because it is important to you. By simply sharing your story, you are spreading our collective love further than you could imagine!

Sharing the love is so easy! Visit www.alphaxidelta.org/lettersoflove and find your initiating chapter to register. Then simply write a letter from the heart about why Alpha Xi Delta’s partnership with Autism Speaks is important to you (or use one of the templates provided). Ask people to honor that passion with a donation in your name. This is a great opportunity to support your initiating chapter, whether active currently or dormant and to showcase that pride into action. Let your competitive pride help the cause! Last year we doubled the efforts of the inaugural campaign and we can’t wait to see how big Alpha Xi Delta shows up in 2019! We have a large goal and really want to show the world how much Autism Speaks means to us!

Alpha Xi Delta has done so much in the ten years of our partnership. Autism Speaks’ mission is truly Alpha Xi Delta’s mission. Help us honor Suzanne Wright’s memory and showcase Alpha Xi Delta’s commitment to philanthropy and to Autism Speaks. Please join us in sharing the love this November, in our third annual Letters of Love campaign!

In the bonds,

Elysia Gallivan

National Executive Director