Lauren's Letter

When I first joined Alpha Xi Delta, I was hoping to find a space, a community, and a home where I felt safe, protected and allowed to be myself. Not only did I find all of these things, I found a group of women, not just in my collegiate chapter, but a community around the nation, that had like-minded values, beliefs and ideals. I became the woman I was meant to be with the help of Alpha Xi Delta.

The messages put forth by our Fraternity have stuck with me both during my collegiate years, and several thereafter as an alumna. The pen is mightier than the sword has spoken so deeply into my soul, it is something I use and think of daily. I believe in Alpha Xi Delta and the Fraternity’s message and mission. I support Alpha Xi Delta which gives me the privilege to support our national philanthropy, Autism Speaks.

Our partnership with Autism Speaks has been special to me. I was joining our newly formed chapter of Alpha Xi Delta at San Jose State University as Alpha Xi Delta was forming and solidifying their relationship with Autism Speaks. It was incredibly exciting to join at a time to see the excitement from both sides of this new partnership. Participating in my first Autism Speaks Walk as a potential new member, I was not only able to meet incredibly passionate alumnae like Anneliese Hallsten and Julie Lambert, but I was also able to meet the incredible people who worked for Autism Speaks and those who were personally impacted by autism.

Over the last 10+ years of our Alpha Xi Delta and Autism Speaks partnership it has been incredible to see the amount of support Alpha Xi Delta has been able to provide as well as the continued development and research that has gone into assessing, diagnosis, researching, evaluating and treating autism.

I support Letters of Love and our partnership with Autism Speaks because I love Alpha Xi Delta. I believe in the partnership and continue to support these two great communities coming together in support of one another.

Reflect back on your commitment and relationship to Alpha Xi Delta. What brings you heart sunshine? I have shared my ‘why’, my heart sunshine. Now I ask you to call upon those moments, memories, and events to find your ‘why’ and support Alpha Xi Delta’s Letters of Love campaign.

Lauren Tarantino
Iota Omicron, San Jose State University