Jessie's Letter of Love

Dear Family & Friends -

I recently read an article on the benefits of practicing gratitude, and in essence research tells us that expressing gratitude reduces stress, increases optimism, and strengthens relationships. Oftentimes, in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we forget to slow down, even for just a single moment, and be grateful for our blessings. Now that November, the month of thankfulness, is upon us I'm most grateful for things in life that seem challenging, unfair, or difficult - because I realize that in the midst of the turbulence, I know that I'm growing and learning.

For the past 14 years, I've counted Alpha Xi Delta in my many blessings. Membership in Alpha Xi Delta meant building long-lasting friendships with bold, powerful and courageous women through my chapter, Theta Pi, and as a Leadership Coach traversing the country a year out of college. It's been working alongside other national and local volunteers who pour their time and energy into making our organization one that's filled with courage, graciousness, and peace. But, most importantly, Alpha Xi Delta has been my connection to a cause and mission that's bigger than all of these things.

I was fortunate to serve as the President of my chapter when Fraternity Headquarters entered into our now phenomenal partnership with Autism Speaks, and I currently serve as the Communications Specialist for our National Philanthropy Team. To date, Alpha Xi Deltas across the country have raised over $11 million supporting autism understanding and acceptance. In a world today that seems more divided than ever, Autism Speaks is enhancing lives and accelerating a spectrum of solutions for tomorrow.

As a part of our annual Letters of Love campaign, I'm asking you to consider donating to this cause as a way to fund the mission of Autism Speaks. Your support fuels innovative autism research and provides critical lifelong programs and support. While there has been outstanding progress, there is still so much to be done.

Thank you for your consideration and your support. I'll be counting you in my blessings this year.

Jessie Wortham Dickert
Theta Pi, Christian Brothers University