Alpha Xi Delta National Alumnae Dues


Alpha Xi Delta National Alumnae Dues

To support Alpha Xi Delta in continuing to perpetuate fraternal growth while providing opportunities to foster intellectual, professional and personal growth for all Alpha Xi Delta Sisters, Be The Heart, the National Alumnae Dues Program was created. We encourage you to Be The Heart of the Fraternity. By annually supporting the Fraternity with your $25 alumnae dues payment, you allow the heart of Alpha Xi Delta to shine for years to come.

As a benefit of membership, all Alpha Xi Delta alumnae receive:

  • 3 issues of The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta annually.
  • 6 alumnae enewsletters providing updates on the Fraternity and programming.
  • Access to Exclusively Xi, Alpha Xi Delta’s members only portal.
  • Personal development opportunities through A Clear Vision of Life: The Wellbeing Program.
  • Exclusive discount rate on insurance policies with GEICO

National alumnae dues fund initiatives that bring into living reality the Sisterhood of women, such as:

  • Technology advances to connect Sisters like the Lost Sister Search tool.
  • Alumnae programming, support and cultivation.
  • Colonization efforts: In the last 10 years, Alpha Xi Delta grown at a rapid pace. The Fraternity has installed 16 new chapters and returned to 8 campuses.
  • Volunteer cultivation, education and training.
  • Awards for alumnae Sisters and alumnae associations.
  • Recognition for Order of the Rose, Pearl and Diamond Sisters.

Thank you for your commitment to Be The Heart.  Members like you make it possible for Alpha Xi Delta’s to realize their potential.

Your dues will be valid from the date of payment until May 31, 2018. We encourage all alumnae Sisters to renew their commitment annually on June 1.If you have questions, please email, or call 317.872.3500.

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Upon submission of this form, your credit card will be charged $25 for your annual National Alumnae Dues.

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