Alpha Xi Delta recognizes 2017 Order of the Rose, Pearl and Diamond Sisters

Thursday, January 19, 2017 4:00 pm

Our National Council warmly welcomes 434 Sisters initiated in 1942 into the Order of the Diamond, 999 Sisters initiated in 1957 to the Order of the Pearl and 2,340 Sisters initiated in 1967 to the Order of the Rose.

We hope each Sister’s membership in Alpha Xi Delta throughout the past 50, 60 and 75 years has been filled with genuine, lifelong friendships, personal growth and opportunities to improve the lives of others through service.

Sisters have witnessed many changes as the Fraternity has kept pace with the times. It is our hope that recognition as an Order of the Rose, Pearl or Diamond recipient will remind each individual Sister of the part they have played in furthering the vision of our ten Founders. Their legacy continues today because of the bold and talented Sisters, like our Order of the Rose, Pearl and Diamond recipients, who have remained dedicated and loyal to Alpha Xi Delta’s highest ideals.

Click the links below to view the list of Sisters who have reached a milestone in her membership.

Order of the Diamond

Order of the Pearl

Order of the Rose

An asterisk (*) indicates a Sister is lost, and Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity Headquarters does not have a valid mailing address. If you are in contact with any Sister denoted as lost, please encourage her to update her information with Alpha Xi Delta.

In recognition of achieving this milestone in 2017, each Sister with a valid mailing address on file was sent a letter from National President Michele Herbst Evink. Each Sister has the opportunity to order a complimentary, personalized Order of the Rose, Pearl or Diamond certificate. If you are interested in ordering one but did not receive a letter or you’re denoted as lost on the above recognition lists, please contact Sarah Alice Keiser, Lifetime Engagement Manager, at