National Programs


The Workout
The Workout is a summer leadership experience that offers powerful training to provide members with all the tools, resources and ideas they need to make their chapter’s recruitment process unparalleled. Recruitment skills find their foundation in some basic life-skills that enable our members to be more successful in their chosen careers, in their interpersonal interactions and as leaders for their campuses and communities.

National Convention
Alpha Xi Delta holds National Convention every two years. This meeting serves as the time for conducting national chapter business and provides an opportunity for interaction between alumnae and collegiate members. Each National Convention includes a number of educational and leadership sessions for collegiate and alumnae attendees and is a time for Sisters to bond while creating fun-filled memories.

Alpha Xi Delta National Programs

The Leadership Coach Program
The Leadership Coach Program provides one-on-one coaching to help undergraduate Sisters develop leadership skills and enhance their personal growth. Leadership Coaches (LCs) receive training in the following areas: leadership development, communication skills, personal development, career preparation, educational programs, StrengthsQuest™ and Bridges (programming for seniors). LCs facilitate all-chapter programs and provide individual coaching on topics within these areas to encourage reflection and development.

The Founders' Academy
The Founders' Academy (TFA) is Alpha Xi Delta's premiere summer educational opportunity held in off-Convention years for Chapter Presidents and emerging chapter leaders.

A Clear Vision of Life: The Wellbeing Program 
A Clear Vision of Life: The Wellbeing Program is an educational program for Alpha Xi Delta alumnae focused on the five essential elements of wellbeing: Career, Social, Physical and Community. The program asks alumnae members to participate in a variety of "challenges" throughout the year to increase their capacity to thrive in each of the five areas of wellbeing.