Member Recommendation Form


Member Recommendation Form

Please complete this form with as much information about the potential new member as possible. If you have more than one potential new member to recommend, you have to fill out a separate form for each recommendation. If you have any questions about the recommendation process, please contact Fraternity Headquarters at 317.872.3500 or email

Is this a legacy recommendation?
Potential New Member Name
What is the college/university of the potential new member?
What high school did the potential new member attend?
When did the potential new member graduate from high school?
ACT Score
SAT Score
Rank in class
Class size
College attended after high school, if any
College GPA
College hours completed
Academic honors and accomplishments (honors or AP classes, National Honors Society, etc.)
School and community (volunteer, religious, etc.) activities, including leadership positions
Talents, hobbies, interests (music, dance, sports, theatre, etc)
What are four words you would use to describe her personality?
What topics would the potential new member like to talk about during recruitment?
What kind of person (ex. leader, academic, outgoing/bubbly, etc.) would the potential new member most get along with during recruitment?

Please comment on the following characteristics as related to the potential new member.

Character and Personality (i.e. loyalty, dependability, outgoing/shy, etc.)
Personal Development (i.e. poised, polished, team player, hard worker, etc.)
Why did the potential new member decide to pursue sorority recruitment?
I would rate this potential new member in the following way:
 Light Blue: Qualified and would be an asset to the chapter.
 Dark Blue: Well qualified; Will actively participate in the chapter and will be a good recruiter.
 Gold: Outstanding potential new member who will be sought by other sororities.
Alpha Xi Delta relatives in relation to the Potential New Member (check all that apply)
If you checked other, please write in your answer here.
If you checked a box for Alpha Xi Delta relatives, please list the following: Name of relatives, initiating chapter, phone number and email address
Does the PNM have other Greek influences from other women who they are related to that have affiliation with other national sorority organizations?

Alpha Xi Delta Member Statement

I recommend this woman:
Please select one.
 I personally know the potential member.
 I know the potential member's family.
 I don't know the potential member. The recommendation came from a reliable source.
Your First Name
Your Last Name
Your Maiden Name (if applicable)
Are you an alumna or collegian?
Current or Past Alumna Involvement (if any)
Current Collegiate Officer Role (if any)
Your Initiating Chapter
Your Address
Your University/College
Your City
Your State
Your Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email Address

You may attach additional information, photos and letters of recommendation to this form by uploading them in the fields below.

PLEASE NOTE: Uploading files that are large (1MB or larger) may cause this form to time out or delay. If you have several attachments to include with your member recommendation form, please combine them into a zip file and upload the file below. You can also email your attachments to In your email, please include your name, your contact information and the name of the person you are recommending. 

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