Educational Leadership Consultants and Leadership Coaches


What is an Educational Leadership Consultant (ELC)?
An ELC is a recent college graduate who is able to continue her Alpha Xi Delta experience by visiting Alpha Xi Delta chapters throughout the United States. The term of employment is generally August through April. Assignments can vary depending upon the current needs of the Fraternity. An ELC may assist with chapter development, officer transition or recruitment planning. ELCs assist with extension presentations, colonizations and installations of new chapters.

What is a Leadership Coach (LC)?
A Leadership Coach fosters member development through building life skills, facilitating StrengthsQuest™ and helps to implement the Realize Your Potential program in our college chapters.

Is your chapter receiving a visit from an ELC or LC?
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ELC and LC Application Process

How do I apply to be an ELC and/or LC?
Applications are located in Exclusively Xi in the Resource Center. Any interested chapter member is encouraged to apply during her senior year. Alpha Xi Delta looks for well-rounded individuals with chapter office experience, campus involvement, a solid academic record, good leadership skills and communication skills. A group of applicants will be chosen for personal interviews during spring semester. Final hiring decisions are made shortly thereafter. The number of ELCs and LCs hired each year depends on the needs of the Fraternity.

How will being an ELC and/or LC benefit my career and my future?
Former ELCs and LCs have noted that their time traveling for Alpha Xi Delta was the best learning experience of their lives. The situations that arise during your visits allow you to develop invaluable life skills, such as: flexibility, self-confidence, conflict management, project management, the ability to inspire motivation in others and teamwork management. Former ELCs and LCs have gone on to choose careers as lawyers, executive directors, higher education professionals, doctors, teachers, etc. The ELC and LC positions help to develop endless possibilities for your future and inspire you to realize your potential.

What type of employment benefits are provided with the position?
All expenses are taken care of by Alpha Xi Delta and/or the chapters with the exception of personal expenses. Health insurance and life insurance are provided during the year of travel.

For more information about applying for an ELC and/or LC position, please contact Courtney Fluty, Director of Member Services, at You can also learn more by downloading our Frequently Asked Questions document.

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